Memories of my grandmother: day 4

I remember my grandmother’s hands among the roses. She loved the white roses in her tiny garden. They were a gift from her mother. When she moved away from that house she brought clippings of the rose bush with her. Those hands did so many things. I see them flicking a pen while marking a script, brushing oil onto the lamb roast, holding surely around the steering wheel during one of out long drives and killing that potentially poisonous sprider in Spain that she always regretted afterwards. I see them grow curiously old, the skin getting softer, thinner and more transparent. My uncle, who was with her when she died said that at the end she couldn’t speak at all, except for the way she held his hand. “Imagine that”, he said “that the most important things you can say to someone, you can say just by holding their hand.”


Fragment 6: Her kind of rose, it even smells right.


A tiny house in a big world.


Old road overgrown with moss.


New road with thistles.

2 thoughts on “Memories of my grandmother: day 4”

  1. Tack Tilda for at du, delar dina tankat om Ingreid. Hon betyddde sa mycket for mig. Men, tror jag, an jag ens vet, Och du skriver sa vackerr, jag ka ser allt framfor mitt ine oga. Tack.


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